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Orange Espresso Shot: A Refreshing + Trending Twist

Updated: Apr 19

Coffee lovers are always looking for ways to spice up their espresso. Introducing the latest trend : The Orange Espresso Shot, a blend of citrus and caffeine that's taking over the internet. Let's talk about why this trendy drink is so irresistible and how you can make your own cup of orange-infused bliss.

The Inspiration Behind the Orange Espresso Shot:

While combining citrus with coffee might seem unusual, it's all about enhancing the natural brightness and acidity of espresso. Just like a slice of orange can elevate a chocolate dessert, it adds a vibrant dimension to coffee.

Espresso and orange halves on a table top

How It's Made:

Making the perfect Orange Espresso Shot is simple:

  1. Brew a shot of espresso with a fresh Orange slice over the top so that the hot espresso will pour over the orange soaking up the flavor.

  2. Stir, add your favorite syrups, and sugar to sweeten, and lastly, add your choice of milk!

( We have a step-by-step video tutorial on our Instagram & Tiktok : @Rahmroast )

Customization and Variations:

Experiment with:

Adding orange liqueur for depth.

Garnishing with orange peel or zest for presentation.

Trying different orange varieties for unique flavors.

The Orange Espresso Shot showcases the endless possibilities of coffee combinations. Cheers to creativity, one sip at a time!

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