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Rahm Roast @Marie Belle Chocolate NYC

On Thursday, September 7th, at the vibrant heart of New York City, something truly extraordinary unfolded at Marie Belle's Chocolate shop. Rahm Roast, the revolutionary toxin-free coffee, took center stage, and the response from those in attendance was nothing short of sensational.

Imagine this: Our coffee, proudly holding the distinction of being the ONLY toxin-free coffee on the market, continued to astound with an impressive cup score of 84. It's not just coffee; it's a testament to dedication and commitment to delivering an experience that's as clean as it is delicious.

But it doesn't stop there. Rahm Roast is poised to redefine the coffee landscape, offering a toxin-free alternative without compromising an ounce of taste or quality. We're talking about a coffee revolution here!

And the excitement didn't end with the taste test. We had the privilege of showcasing Rahm Roast with none other than GMBMY. Attendees were treated to a captivating presentation that unveiled what sets Rahm Roast apart and why it deserved that remarkable 84-cup score. Among the audience were notable figures like the fabulous NY housewife, @Amy Green, and other social media celebrities.

This event wasn't just about coffee; it was a moment that marked a new era in coffee culture. Rahm Roast is here to make your coffee experience cleaner, tastier, and more exciting than ever before. Stay tuned for more caffeine adventures with Rahm Roast! ☕🌟 #RahmRoastRevolution

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