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Rahm Roast on blue background
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Indulge in the rich and delightful taste of Rahm Roast, crafted from carefully selected coffee beans straight from Guatemala. What makes this brew truly special is our innovative approach.

We've infused it with our exclusive solutions, designed to rid it of any harmful toxins. These solutions aren't just effective; they're also recognized for their many perks, making Rahm Roast a truly outstanding and rejuvenating drink.

The Rahm Way

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We want you to get the best sip of coffee imaginable.  Our favorite method is the pour over. 

The video above details the best method to get the most out of your Rahm Roast.



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Rahm Roast on blue background
Rahm 91 Cup score
Rahm Roast Facts


Name of product: RAHM ROAST

Altitude: 1,700 m.a.s.l

Varieties: Arabica

Species: 100% Guatemalan

Process: Washing

Origin: Guatemala huehue

Region: Huehuetenango

Roast: Medium.

Brightness: Balanced.

Body: Medium

Flavor: dark chocolate, earthy, almond and caramel.

AROMA: citrus

3rd Party Tested and Certified
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Our Story

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Meet Dr. Christina Rahm – scientist, supermom, devoted partner, and the ultimate coffee aficionado! With a passion for detoxing and a mission to uplift lives, she's not just about the lab coat life; she's out there exploring the globe in pursuit of both science and the perfect cup of joe.

After immersing herself in coffee culture and researching its every nuance, Dr. Rahm uncovered her calling: to elevate coffee to its fullest potential.

Enter our masterpiece, born from years of sipping and studying: Our Guatemala-sourced, organic beans, lovingly detoxed and meticulously roasted in small batches by our acclaimed master roaster. Dr. Rahm's natural touch ensures that every sip delivers pure, unadulterated bliss – the cleanest, most invigorating coffee experience imaginable.

Coffee Profiles
Drak chocolate

dark chocolate

Washed Rahm Roast icon


earthy coffee


Medium Balance Rahm Roast icon


Almond Rahm Roast


Medium Roast Rahm Roast icon


Caramel Rahm Roast


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taste notes

1 - 340g bag (12oz)

*$0.082 per gram

Rahm Roast bag
Rahm Roast bag
Rahm 91 Cup score

We are happy to announce our partnership with De'Longhi

The perfect pair to deliver the perfect cup

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OUR Science / OUR Coffee

When it comes to regular old coffee, farmers often rely on synthetic stuff like fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. But not every coffee farm plays the chemical game the same way. Practices vary from place to place, so it's not always a one-size-fits-all deal.


Read more about the Rahm Way.  A clean cup for pure living.

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